Are you worried that Binance is offline, what if they disappeared with all your Bitcoin? Here we provide some easy ways to check to soothe your anxiety.

First of all we recommend you check Binance with some tools.

Binance Down Or Not Checkers

The first place you will want to check is: DownForEveryoneOrJustMe

Another place you’ll want to check is: Uptime

From these you can check if the website is down for everyone or just you.

Binance Trading Engine

Sometimes stays up, but you’ll experience issues trying to connect to the trading engine and execute trades.

First you’ll want to check a few places to see if there’s been any updates on announcements.

You can check those at CZ’s Twitter, Binance Twitter and Binance Reddit.

cz binance update

They usually make announcements about any updates, downtime and hacks that could have occurred.