Credit Tag Chain

The Credit Tag Chain is designed to be a credit asset value network built on blockchain technology that provides global coverage; it covers the C2C personal credit services as well as the B2C financial institutional credit services. Institutions or individuals within the network (called: ‘users’) can obtain services or provide services by accumulating credit assets, collateralizing or lending.

The network on the Credit Tag Chain comprises a decentralised smart contract that is based on the Credit Tag Chain (Token:CTC), which would help loan customers to obtain access to various loan services as well as assist with personal credit information building; at the same time, the lending behaviour data of loan customers would be recorded on the blockchain, hence allowing more accurate, more convenient and safer checking, tracing and inquiries into the data of loan customers by credit institutions.

Vision of the Credit Tag Chain

Credit Tag Chain aims to build a Global Credit Asset Value Network, which could cover wider range of loan customers.

The loan customers who are unable to be served by traditional financial institutions and credit institutions can also enjoy in convenient loan services, finally achieve to a real sense of inclusive finance.


  • Decentralised

  • High-Performance

  • Data Security

  • Sustainable Development

The State of Industry

  • 10000 +

    Credit Platforms

  • 1 Billion+

    Loan Customers

  • 3 Trillion +

    Transaction Size

Pain Points of Industry

  • Absence of Credit Information of Loan Customers

  • Limited Coverage of Services Provided by Traditional Financial Institutions

  • Difficult to Solve the Issue of Isolated Information on Lending and Borrowing


  • 01 Open Up Isolated Information, Allow Data to Circulate Freely

    In Credit Tag Chain, the targets to achieve all data from credit institutions are shared, each credit behaviour of loan customers from different credit institutions are recorded on the blockchain. Credit institutions within the Credit Tag Chain, credit bureaus, guarantee agencies, asset disposal agencies, etc. may all engage in mutual inquiry through paying and collecting CTC. With that, the isolated information which is scattered in each institution in the industry would be interconnected and shared, forming a credit data network for the whole industry.

  • 02 Introduce Smart Management of Loan Customers

    It is difficult for traditional financial institutions to serve a wide range of loan customers. In Credit Tag Chain, the target is to enable CTC to be the carrier and actualise credit management of the loan customers through the mechanism of Freezing, Releasing and Deducting of CTC in smart contracts, thus helping the loan customers to obtain access to loan services conveniently.

  • 03 Embrace the Digital World,Realise Lending and Borrowing of Digital Currencies Globally

    Credit Tag Chain would support the loaning of BTC, ETH, LTC and other digital assets in the hope of actualising the eventual lending, borrowing and circulation of digital assets in the world.

  • Credit Tag Chain Operating Mechanism

  • The loan customers could make loan applications to the credit institutions in the Credit Tag Chain.The Credit Tag Chain built a whole set of consensus mechanisms that is applicable to the sharing of data between credit institutions, credit institutions can conduct mutual inquiry on the loan data of the loan customers on the Credit Tag Chain through paying CTC to make decisions on offering loans

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